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This epidemic of the buying and selling of our children for sex must stop. Free for Life is in their 7th year of working to ensure we see the end to this madness in our life time. We hve chosen to focus on 4 areas to make a difference. 

 1. Border Monitoring in Nepal. We have 2 stations where in one on the Nepal/India border and the other on the Nepa/Tibet border. As a result of these border monitoring stations 270 have been rescued since July of 2010  2. Shelter support. At this time our shelter support is 2 temporary shelter that are connected to our border monitoring stations.
3. Scholarships. these scholarships are for both survivors of trafficking and those girls that are at risk of being trafficked. They can be in areas of theraputic classes, skills training, or higher education. This year we have plans to give 100 sewing machines to girls that  have graduated from our tailoring classes ($100 per sewing machine)4. Sustainable programs (EDUCATION AND AWARENESS) 1n 2013 we have the ability to do an entire new program of provention to be 2 years in front of traffickers. This will be a tailoring classes run through each of our border monitoring stations. Each class will be for a 6 month time period with 20-25 girls a class 


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