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The Ohio State Parole Board Re: Tony Rahmel Smith Offender#A367391

Tony Smith (23) confessed and pled guilty to murdering Lilius "Friggy" Landrum (43) in Akron Ohio on April 3rd 1998. He did so by decapitating her and placing her head in a bucket in his basement and her body behind a furnace. He was up for parole in February 2013 which was denied. He was ordered to stay for another 10yrs and will be up for parole again in 2023. Everyone who has signed this petition agrees that this murderer should not be released from prison back into society ever again.


Kamelah Hartwell

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How this will help

This will help the family and friends of Lilius Landrum, alert the Ohio State Parole Board of our urgency to not let this murderer go free. WE DONT WANT A MURDERER TO BE RELEASED AND FREE TO KILL AGAIN.


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