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Ministry of Transportation

Our public transport companies are reaping huge profits. They are also receiving state subsidies. Additionally, it has now been revealed that they are cutting costs by employing cheap foreign labor.

We the public should NOT be made to pay for the increase in bus drivers' salaries as the salary increases can come from a combination of the companies' profits and a pay freeze or even reduction in pay increment and bonuses for the top management. Additionally, if SMRT had really unilaterally changed the terms of the PRC drivers' contracts, then Ms. Saw Phaik Hwa should be hauled to court and criminal proceedings brought against her if necessary. She should also be made to pay back her bonuses and pay increments for gross dereliction of duty.


Vladimir Tepes

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Are you just going to sit idly by while the government penalizes you for their own incompetence and SMRT's mismanagement?


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