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The word of man went by the wayside when gold was weighed for the first time. Raoni and Clive Kelly visited the so called civilized encampment above the Diarrhun Alto Xingu in the year 1973. They were literally overwhelmed by the stench, the stink and the filth of the whites. Their enormous religious crosses dominated the skylines which rose above the grotesque piles of rusty squashed beer and fizzy drink cans. This was the margin, this is where the marginal dwelled, I was shown dirty and was repelled.

Handfuls of gold nuggets that are all these people see. Raoni and Kelly were invited to join the people as they washed the river banks away with high pressure hoses four inches in diameter. The river turned as red as Kelly's face from the anger that swelled within him. Bile rose within Kelly's gullet, as did his blood pressure at the site of the destruction of the river but there was no time to confront these people or their paymasters as they were on their way to film the Vatican Investment Corporation's four hundred thousand heads of cattle and the cattle farm where the Vatican's tractors were at that very moment in the throes of ripping down and burning the Xingu jungle in preparation for the construction of the landing strip.
Raoni and Kelly would have probably joined the people is stealing the Sun's tears, the fossilized rays of the Sun. They too may have been diseased by the yellow metal? What a shame it is that now forty years later the French, Germans, Brazilians and other nations are about to rip out the very heart of our mutual mother. The Belo Monte Dam is just the means to an end and that is to move the floating drilling platforms into Xingu valley. Those enormous barges which carry car sized diamond drilling bits. Jicyara and Kelly with their Trimaran Amerindian floating museum recently filmed the very same barges as they drilled and sucked the bed of the Surinam River Paramaribo. Then there was almost another war between the British Surinam and the French Guyana because the drilling, sucking rigs crossed the French UK's border line. This is just next door to the Amazon and Xingu will be the next target. We must stop Belo Monte Dam! We must stop Xingu flooding now.


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