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Not to buy products with palm oil in

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How this will help

"After poaching, the biggest threat to tigers is the destruction of their forest home – mainly due to illegal logging and conversion to agriculture, particularly commercial oil palm plantations".
You can help stop this habitat loss by buying products from sustainable forestry and agriculture operations.
So when you're out shopping, look for:

Certified paper and wood products (see picture)

**Products made from certified sustainable palm oil
If you can't find any, ask your supermarket or shop why they are not stocking any ... and not helping tigers, and many other animals, to survive.**

***Look out for the rainforest alliance products*** (see pictures)
By doing this you will be helping the rainforest and its inhabitants. (try and get the 100%, it will be stated on the packet)
They are on tea: PG tips/ cool earth coffee, bananas etc...
Try not to buy anything with palm oil in it.
*This is a direct contributor of deforestation and reduction of tiger habitat:

* helps identifies REALLY ECO products. See for yourselves! :)

**Palm oil and its names within ingredients:
There is no law on the mandatory labelling of palm oil. Consequently, companies will usually hide palm oil under the name of --'vegetable oil'--, or over 170 other names! (See the list of the most common 30 names):

The most common name palm oil is hidden under is 'vegetable oil'. Almost all Asian products or products made in Asia that have 'vegetable oil' written on the label means that it is palm oil.

Most pre-packaged snack foods made by well known, large corporate-giants (Nestle, Unilever etc) contain palm oil.

If a product's saturated fat content is over 40% of it's total fat content, it will almost always have palm oil in it.

Ingredients with the word 'palm' in them are palm oil or are derived from the oil palm fruit (as shown in the ingredient list in the picture).

Nearly all home-brand/no-name pasties and confectionery will contain palm oil (Coles/Safeway donuts, muffins, cakes, chocolate, confectionery etc).

***If you are not sure whether a product contains palm oil, either type the product name into google along with 'palm oil' and see the search results, or call the company and ask if they use palm oil.

To avoid palm oil, look out for products that contain alternative vegetable oils, such as 100% sunflower oil, corn oil or canola oil.

******However, please note that Soybean oil is often associated with the destruction of rainforest in Brazil.*******

Just because a product says it is "Organic" or "Cruelty-Free" does not mean it doesn't contain palm oil. In fact, most natural/organic products do contain palm oil - because palm oil is a very much a natural ingredient. It's the way it is produced that is far from natural, which is something many companies fail to realise.


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