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The People of Lebanon

غير مقبول!
صرخة تلخص الوضع الحالي الذي يسود في بلدنا الحبيب لبنان.
على رغم أن غالبية اللبنانيين (مقيمين أو غير مقيمين) يحلمون بالعيش أو الانتماء إلى بلد "طبيعي" تحكمه الديموقراطية والحرية وسيادة القانون والازدهار والسعادة والتي تعتبر أهدافا مشروعة وطبيعية، فإن بلدنا ينزلق تدريجيا نحو قانون الغاب.
لذا، لم يعد بإمكانكم المراقبة أو المتابعة من بعيد من دون التصرف.
حزب الله ومعلمه وحلفاؤه يطبقون منذ عام 1990 وخاصة منذ عام 2005، استراتيجية لا ترحم تهدف للاستيلاء والسيطرة على مصير بلدنا لبنان. تصرفات حزب الله المعلنة والسرية تشكّل خطراً داهماً ومحسوساً لوجود لبنان ومستقبله "الطبيعي".
إن عدم تحركنا أو سكوتنا يعني ببساطة تطوعنا في خدمة مشروعهم. علينا جميعا المبادرة الى توقيع هذه العريضة حتى نقوم بواجب مبدئي على الأقل. نطلب منكم إضافة تواقيعكم إلى تواقيعنا لتحقيق "مليونية كفى" والمشاركة في إطلاق صرخة مليون لبنانية ولبناني عبر هذه العريضة.
عبر هذا التوقيع، بإمكانكم المساهمة في صنع رأي عام لا يمكن تجاهله.

Unacceptable! This outcry summarizes what has become our country-Lebanon. Although the majority of The People of Lebanon (residing in Lebanon or living abroad) is dreaming of living or relating to a NORMAL country where democracy, freedom, rule of law, human rights, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness are a given and righteous life goals, our country – Lebanon is slipping away towards the rule of the jungle. You can’t just watch and complain! Hezbollah, its patron and proxies have been implementing a dreadful and implacable strategy since the 90’ and particularly since 2005, aiming to take over the destiny of our country – Lebanon. Their actions declared, exposed or concealed are representing a clear and present danger to the livelihood of Lebanon as a NORMAL country. Our inaction so far has been synonymous of voluntarism. WE must ALL act, and by signing this call of action you can fullfill your duty.
We ask YOU to add your signature to ours and become one of the Million Lebanese, stating loud and clear : ENOUGH ! Contribute to build a wide popular opinion that cannot be ignored.


Inacceptable ! Ça suffit ! Ce cri résume l’état dans lequel notre pays - Le Liban - se trouve. Bien que la majorité des Libanais (résidents ou expatriés) rêve de vivre ou d’appartenir à un pays NORMAL dans lequel la démocratie, la liberté, l’état de droit, la prospérité et la poursuite du bonheur sont évidents et considérés comme les objectifs légitimes d’une vie, notre pays - Le Liban - glisse vers la loi de la jungle. Vous ne pouvez plus seulement observer et vous plaindre !
Le Hezbollah, son patron et ses alliés appliquent depuis les années 1990 et plus particulièrement depuis 2005 une stratégie impitoyable et implaquable visant à saisir et à contrôler la destinée de notre pays - Le Liban. Leurs actions déclarées, dévoilées et secrètes représentent un danger imminent et clairement palpable, menaçant l’existence même du Liban et sa pérennité en tant que pays NORMAL. Notre inaction est synonyme de volontarisme. NOUS devons TOUS agir et en signant cette appel vous vous serez acquittés de votre devoir. Nous VOUS demandons d’ajouter votre signature aux nôtres, devenez un/une du Million de Libanais et Libanaises à dire à voie haute : ÇA SUFFIT !
Contribuez à construire une opinion publique qui ne peut être ignorée.


القواتاللبنانية القطاعالعام

This petition closed almost 3 years ago

How this will help

ACTION PLAN subject of this PETITION
1. Take immediate legal action against Hezbollah, its leadership and whoever has been and is still covering them, for serious breaches of the constitution and...

ACTION PLAN subject of this PETITION
1. Take immediate legal action against Hezbollah, its leadership and whoever has been and is still covering them, for serious breaches of the constitution and for criminal activities: (a) usurping 'resistance' as a concept and using it to hold and use illegal arms (b) taking over unconstitutionally the decision of engaging thecountry in a war (c) protecting indicted suspects and fugitives (d) organized crime and illicit funding and arming.
2. Challenge at the Constitutional and State courts all previous and present governments' endorsements of the exclusive right to hold arms granted to a fraction of the Lebanese people under the false concept of "Resistance"; and demand retroactive annulment of such decisions, endorsements and ministerial declarations on the grounds of severely breaching the constitution.
3. Take immediate legal actions against all armed groups who are harming and threatening the economy, investments, jobs and image of our country – Lebanon.
4. Initiate immediate peaceful "resistance" by boycotting Hezbollah and its proxies at all levels, until Hezbollah fully complies with law and order.
5. Plan and strive to implement security measures to deter and preempt terrorism in coordination with LAF and ISF and in full compliance with the prevailing laws.
6. Enforce all UNSCRs and international treaties, agreements and covenants.
7. Call for support from the President of the Republic in his capacity as custodian of the constitution.
8. Immediate lobbying for international and UN protection against Hezbollah and its proxies.
9. Immediate expulsion of Syrian and Iranian ambassadors, on grounds of Samaha and Ayoub cases respectively.
10. Lobby for prompt planning and commissioning of secured alternative ports for air and sea travel.
11. Prepare a contingency strategy to defend against any kind of further hostilities that can be potentially initiated by Hezbollah or any other illegally armed organization


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