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Support the closure of all forms of child institutionalisation

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• With few exceptions, children reared from an early age in poor quality institutions fail to sit, stand, walk, and talk by age four;
• Institutions do not facilitate children becoming attached to a significant adult. The consequence is that many institutionalised children lack empathy, behave in negative ways, exhibit poor self-confidence, show indiscriminate affection toward adults, are prone to non-compliance, and are more aggressive than their non-institutionalised counterparts. Equally, insecurely attached children rebound from adversity far less effectively than securely attached children;
• Basic human rights cannot be assured within institutions. For example international conventions such as the United Nations' Convention on the Rights of the Child have asserted the human right of children to a family life and to be protected from abuse and neglect;
• Children in institutions are more likely to fail educationally and have poor work prospects, substantially affecting their ability to become independent and to contribute to society as adults
• Placements in institutions, often some distance from the child's place of origin, tend to discourage contact with parents, family and other network members. This results in children having few links to support them as they grow older
• Most large institutions are essentially unmanageable and liable to the systematic abuse of residents (and sometimes also the staff)
Even good institutions harm young children and leave teens ill-prepared for the outside world.


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