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Thank you so much for supporting Backline. Your donations make a real difference for the people who call us every day, and we hope we can rely on your support this year.

In 2004, a group of women in Portland, OR came together with a vision of a new organization that would offer unconditional support across the spectrum of experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. From that vision, Backline was born. Our Talkline went live on November 1st, and a team of just five volunteers answered 100 calls in their first year. Eight years later, Backline has trained more than 100 volunteers as Talkline Advocates and now receives more than 300 calls every month.

'Sarah' called Backline when she was 12 weeks pregnant and feeling conflicted about her options. She was told many years ago that she couldn't have kids, tried to become pregnant when she was married, and now is pregnant by her ex-husband. Sarah had always wanted to parent, but very recently reconciled herself to the fact that she wouldn't ever have the chance and refocused her life. Now that she is pregnant, she isn't sure she wants to be.

Every day, people like Sarah call Backline in search of a safe and supportive place to talk about their decisions, feelings, and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption. Our volunteer Talkline Advocates are there to listen – without judgment or bias, without time limits or constraints, and above all, with unconditional support and compassion, no matter what options a caller is considering or which decisions they have already made.

Backline could not accomplish this important work without the generosity of donors like you. Your end of year donation will provide essential funding for our telephone bills, outreach materials, and trainings for volunteers and providers. With your support, in 2013 Backline will also continue to expand our reach across the country with our revamped website and blog, more regional events, and new Advocate Teams in Oakland, California and Bloomington, Indiana as well as Portland.

When a person is brave enough to share their feelings and experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion or adoption, they deserve to be heard with unconditional and judgment-free support. And when many people tell their stories, it has the power to transform our collective awareness of reproductive decision-making, and help us do a better job of supporting all the people in our lives. This is why Backline not only provides direct services, but also uses social change strategies to challenge stigma and offer new voices and ideas that promote support across the pregnancy spectrum.

Thank you again for donating to Backline. Together, we are building a world where every person can make the reproductive decisions that are right for them, and where the dignity of all lived experiences with pregnancy, parenting, abortion, and adoption is affirmed and honored.


J. Parker Dockray, MSW
Board President

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