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Billions of farmed animals live and die in cruel, unhealthy, and unsustainable factory farm conditions. Secrecy is what makes this system possible, but hundreds of undercover investigations are slowly helping to end it. That is why the agribusiness lobby is trying to pass ag-gag: anti-free speech laws that would punish, or even jail, anyone who makes an unauthorized recording on a farm.

Dr. Temple Grandin, designer of roughly half of the livestock handling systems used in North America, recently spoke out against Iowa's ag-gag law during a speech before the Iowa Farm Bureau. Grandin called ag-gag laws "dumb" and went on to suggest that those in the industry should make their own videos to show to the public about what goes on behind closed doors. "You've got to take the mystery out of things," she said.

In recent months, corporate backers of factory farming are trying harder than ever to pass ag-gag bills. Between 13 to 20 states are expected to introduce new ag-gag legislation in 2013. 

Please sign our petition and ask the Governors of these states to veto any ag-gag bill that comes their way. Join us in taking a stand to protect consumer rights to knowledge, not corporate rights to secrecy!

Continue to take action at http://ag-gag.org/.  


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