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The community of Gerritsen Beach and surrounding area is in desperate need of help. We have paid our fair share in tax dollars over the years. I would never think this would happen in the USA since our government sends in our great military to provide humanitarian aid in times of crisis - to sets up towns, create shelters, provide medical assistance, food and needed essentials to the victims of disaster. However, our Gerritsen Beach residents have been left in the dark, are cold and are now trying to cope with the realities of having to rebuild their entire home while living with mold.

Our community is at risk and the lives of our family, friends and neighbors are at stake unless there is a HUGE, TIMELY response put forth from our government and other American citizens.

Please Help Us Save These Hardworking Citizens of the United Sates of America!

We need your help NOW! We cannot wait any longer! These trailers can make a huge difference in the lives of so many - please help bring them to Gerritsen Beach and New York.

All the best,
Michael Taylor
Chairman of the Board
Gerritsen Beach Cares, Inc.

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