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With your help, we can prevent dogs from suffering through the bitterly cold winter months without adequate shelter. Please sponsor shelter for a neglected dog by becoming an "Angels for Animals" sponsor today. With a little help from you and your friends, we can reach our goal of providing 20 dogs shelter from the harsh cold of winter.

Doghouse sponsors fund PETA's vital work to provide doghouses, medical care, food supplements, and much-appreciated affection to outdoor dogs. Of course, we want all guardians to let their dogs live inside as loved family members. But if we can't convince them to do so and the dogs aren't neglected enough to require intervention by local authorities, we work with the dogs' guardians to ensure that the animals receive the shelter and attention that they need.

Our doghouses are assembled and delivered to dogs in need by dedicated PETA staff. The houses come in a number of different sizes in order to allow animals room to turn around completely when inside. They also feature a slanted roof that protects animals from rain and snow and an overhang to provide a shady resting place in the summer. PETA provides these rugged doghouses year-round, whenever we learn of a dog in need.

Thank you for having compassion for cold "backyard dogs" this winter!


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