Sign the Petition to US House of Representatives and the US Senate

We, the undersigned People of the United States, are deeply concerned at the level of salary, benefits, and pensions that are available to the elected servants of the people of the United States. We are also deeply concerned that the very bodies that were created to serve the citizens are allowed to vote themselves, without limitation, pay raises and enhanced benefits without allowing the people to vote on these issues directly. We are demanding that Congress draft a Constitutional Amendment limiting the pay and benefits of all congressional members and staff to no more than the average pay and benefits of the American people according to the yearly official economic data, or pass legislation requiring a direct vote of the people on the matters of congressional salary and benefits to coincide with US congressional elections every two years. We are expecting prompt attention from our lawmakers on this matter.


Wendi Montgomery Dial

This is a petition to send to Congress, demanding that they pass a Constitutional amendment that limits their pay, pensions, and health benefits to that of the average American citizen, who pays their salary.

The average member of Congress makes quadruple the average American worker and receives better benefits than the workers whose tax money pays for them. This is unacceptable for a government who's purpose is to serve the people that elected them, not use their power to place themselves above those who elected them. This type of activity leads to financial corruption and representatives who are less interested in serving the people than furthering their own personal interests.

Visit the group "Giving Congress a Paycut!" to track the progress of the petition.

Let's end Congressional pay raises, automatic pensions, and Cadillac health care benefits that we pay for. Restore DC to the people!


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