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On Feb-27-2008 George Dahmer aka Former Pro Wrestler Chief White Owl from WWF now WWE was Admitted to Lake Worth Manor in Lake Worth, Florida for senile dementia by Columbia Hospital. George was admitted to Columbia Hospital on Feb-20-2008 because he ran away from home. Columbia Hospital wanted to have further evaluation done on George's senile dementia and the medication he was on. He was then transferred to Lake Worth Manor for a short term stay of 120 days for evaluation and then to return home. George Was 72 Years Old. George could talk, walk, and feed himself when he walked in.

The first week the facility lost George's upper parcel plate (teeth). As the weeks went by the Facility lost some of his belongings (pants, shoes, and shirts). The staff put size 8 shoes on him when they were suppose to be size 10's.{they were someone else's shoes} Blisters were forming. The staff had George over-medicated. The staff was trying To feed George pork chops when he had no upper teeth. George had fallen out of the wheel chair and his rotary caps in both shoulders were turned-family wasn't notified until 4 days later. George was yelling loud when they were transferring him from the wheel chair to the bed. Patricia-(Wife) was asked to leave the room.The next time she requested to stay In The room while they transferred him and shocked Her how they were transferring George {one nurse on each side of him and pull him up by his underwear up to the back and throw George in bed. That is why he was yelling. The nurses were hurting him.

The upper parcel plate was received and then the Facility lost the bottom parcel plate. George's stay in Lake Worth Manor was 63 days. George was severely neglected at Lake Worth Manor. Florida Department of Children and Families -Elder Abuse was notified and so was The Ombudsman. Lake Worth was charged with Negligence and fined $5,000.00.

George lost all residents rights. Patricia contacted a Attorney for her husbands neglect. The Family Demanded George out of Lake Worth!! On April 30, 2008 George was transferred by ambulance to Heartland of Boynton Beach, Florida. The Staff cleaned him up and then reported the horrific news-
(1)dehydration (2) malnutrition (3) lost 32 pounds In 8 weeks (4) decubitus ulcers On both heels of his feet and tailbone stage 4. (5) Both rotary caps turned In both shoulders. (6) Over medicated

George could not walk anymore, feed himself, and could not talk. After being in Heartland for 16 days they transferred George to JFK Hospital for a feeding tube. JFK wanted to amputate both feet. George had been deteriorating from the lack of care from Lake Worth Manor which lead to his death.
The decubitus ulcers then lead To pneumonia then George Dahmer passed away at 3:16 pm on May 23, 2008. The Wrongful Death Suit filed by Patricia was WON and nursing home was found GUILTY on Wrongful Death and Falsifying Records in Nov 2012. Patricia went to court Nov-2012 in front of a Jury Trail. The Nursing Home APPEALED the Punitive Damages and lost 3 times!

. Patricia in June -2015 was MANDATED to pay 50% of the Punitive Damages awared by the Jury to Help Improve The Quality of Care in Nursing Homes when the nursing home was found Guilty!

The Dahmer Family wants *J*U*S*T*I*C*E!!  The Dahmer Family is striving for STIFFER Laws and HARSHER Penalties for Nursing Homes.

The Dahmer Family does not want to know George died In vain.
***POWER To ALL The ELDERLY!!*** GOD BLESS THE ELDERLY!!*** We_The_ People Of The United States Of America strive for STIFFER Laws and HARSHER Penalties On ALL Nursing Homes. The elderly, disabled, and all human beings need maximum protection on their health and safety.

Let's make this a better world to live in for everyone.The Dahmer Family is Striving for:
(1)Require Nursing Homes to have background checks done before commencement of all employees, then every third year on all employees.
(2) Prohibit convicted felons. {The Director of Nursing at Lake Worth Manor was a convicted felon: armed robbery, theft, assault, and drug charge.
(3) Make sure every Nursing Home is fully staffed at all times.
{Lake Worth Manor was EXTREMELY UNDERSTAFFED}. The Nursing
(4) Facility will be FINED $10,000 per occurrence not being fully staffed. Being UNDERSTAFFED means the quality of care suffers.
(5) Health Inspections done every 3 months instead of every 15 months.
(6) Make sure there is a Doctor on site 7 days a week. If not, Then there needs to be ready access to an after hours Doctor for residents. {There was no Doctor assigned at Lake Worth Manor.
(7) Make sure there is a minimum coverage of $1,000,000 per resident coverage living in nursing facility for negligence or death and $10,000,000 global coverage {Lake
Worth Manor covered $10,000 per resident coverage.}
(8) Surveillance camera's put in residents rooms upon request.
{School's, Nursery's, etc have them, so why don't nursing homes?}
(9) Nursing Homes must have a 4 or 5 star rating or FINED $10,000 per occurrence when below 4 star! NEEDS IMPROVEMENT!!
(10) ALL the above Nursing Home requirements and regulations shall not be State funded. The owner, owners, Or corporations shall be fully responsible to make sure every Nursing Home Facility has maximum protection and maximum safety on each resident staying or living in Nursing Home Facility. Make sure that all residents rights are GRANTED!! Each resident should get the best care possible.
(11) Make sure nursing staff is fully trained and qualified to give the nursing home residents the proper care needed..

Treat each resident with dignity and respect. The way it should be.


Debbie Dahmer

How this will help

***United We STAND Against All Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect*** "Chief White Owl's Law"  Stiffer Laws and Harsher Penalties for Nursing Homes. Please SIGN & Share & Re-Share this Petition!!...

***United We STAND Against All Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect*** "Chief White Owl's Law"  Stiffer Laws and Harsher Penalties for Nursing Homes. Please SIGN & Share & Re-Share this Petition!! CHIEF WHITE OWL is SIGNING the PETITION! ***POWER to ALL the Elderly!!*** GOD Bless the Elderly!!*** We_The_ People Of The United States Of America Strive for  STIFFER LAWS and HARSHER Penalties on Nursing Homes. 

The elderly, disabled, and all human beings need maximum protection on their health and safety. Let's make this a better and safer world to live In. Let's make sure all Nursing homes are fully staffed and properly trained for the ones in need. This is what the Dahmer family is striving for - Stiffer Laws and Harsher Penalties for Nursing Homes.

***Are You STANDING with The Dahmer Family or are you sitting down? *** We HOPE All of you are STANDING!! Thank You!~


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