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Share a project that people only need to share and never give a dime or twist any arms to work.

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How this will help

Is This You ? You really enjoy facebook but you get an endless

stream of heart breaking requests from people all around the world.

Worse yet they never let up. Their not mean or disrespectful, but

they just can't grasp that you might really be way in debt.

You sit there and plead with them only to actually encourage

them into begging even more. You realize that in all honesty

you may become the next person to become homeless.

Do bills keep you up late at night ?

I would like to offer the following solution to those of you at

the end of your rope. Oh one more thing, I am Brother

Scott Gibboney and I will never profit from any of this.

Please Review The Following To Maintain Your Sanity :


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