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Kimmia Morrisa'e James aka Mia Meow was raped and murdered in her home June 2012. A 24 year old virgin, percussionist, singer, rapper, videographer, clothing designer and court reporting student. She stopped a local artist from getting an MTV award off of her music, likeness, image, after hearing a song on the radio July 2011. Her and her family were threatened, harassed, by local rappers, authorities, world known artist and record labels, because she exposed that her music, likeness, swag, and image was being stolen. Her mother was drugged and raped good Friday
2011, her dog was drugged, raped good Friday 2012 and died on Easter. Kimmia was drugged, raped, tortured and died in her home June 2012. She was highly anointed and highly hated by family, friends, local and established artist. She also created OBAY 510 clothing at age 15 in 2005 awhile visiting relatives in Compton, CA she is the original area code apparel designer before that was stolen in 2006OBEY CLOTHING WHICH is also one of the sponsors for the local artist who tried to get a New Artist of the Year Award 2011 after already receiving a a 1.2 million dollar Sony deal. From Redd Foxx, Michael Jackson, Toni Braxton and Mia Meow too many African American artist have been robbed, harassed, threatened and murdered like Tupac Amaru Shakur and a Change is Overdue.

2011 and, her dog was drugged, raped and died on Easter 2012, and she was


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