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Ackowledge that Siddharta Gautama, Lord Buddha, was born and raised until 29 in India, not Nepal (co

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China prevents the Dalaï-Lama to go in Nepal, where was supposed to be born Lord Buddha. Actually, it's in India, where he lived all His long and so helpful life, but China doesn't want to acknowledge that, as since 2011 they want (with David Rockefeller, world richest family, and Bilderberg?) to buy the Nepalese site for $3billions, making a big touristic complex. But India doesn't want. Just so that you know the truth.

It's a big concern for Buddhist people all over the world, with what China do to them in Tibet.

The Dalaï-Lama knows that, many Buddhist authorities and experts around the world, since nearly ten years! Even the UNESCO (UN). But nothing moves, and its like an hidden truth, even a secret, and nothing changes.


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