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"My name is Nessi and I'm 9-10 years old, I was abandoned on the street and reached in a poor condition. Eventually, when I thought that my life ended, I was found, taken to a vet and I recovered, even a family adopted me. BUT now my life is again in danger! The family does not want me anymore and wants to throw me into the street! I KINDLY ASK YOU from my soul to GIVE ME A CHANCE, a yard, a family to love me till the end of my days and who will offer me safety!
I promise I'll be good and loving! I thank you and I hope that somewhere there is for me also a guardian angel!"

*** Nessi is with us and before to be able to give her into adoption we must take care of her health. We were afraid she could get back into the streets and that is why we took her to us till she'll be able to be adopted. Initially we didn't know that there are health problems, we discovered this after she came to us. She has a small formation on her chest which needs surgery, and if all goes well it follows deworming and vaccination after which we hope that a wonderful family will offer her an old age full of love and warmth because this is what this so sad soul needs!
We hope that together with you, our and animal's friend, we'll succeed for Nessie also a happy end!

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