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Wear teal every Tuesday to raise ovarian cancer awareness.

This pledge closed almost 4 years ago

How this will help

From our Facebook page:

Take part in the Turn it Teal Tuesday Challenge for ovarian cancer awareness and make fashion more fun!

Check out our first introductory video here:

Here's how it works (it's so simple!):

* Wear teal every Tuesday for a year. Shoes, accessories, tops, ties, bottoms, all counts!

* When people tell you how great you look, explain what you're doing and why

* Be sure to tell them the key points for ovarian cancer: It's not detectable by any traditional gynecological visit or exam; 60% of cases are diagnosed in the latest stage of the disease (the cancer has already spread to other organs); there are no obvious symptoms of the disease so women MUST bring this up to their doctor if they even suspect it or there's a family history of cancer; there are no major movements for spreading awareness and you are one of the first to be part of something big

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For more information on this campaign, visit

Thanks so much - be part of the first large-scale movement for ovarian cancer awareness!


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