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Say thank you to a family member of a serviceperson during the holiday season

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How this will help

Thousands of our military members are currently serving or deployed, leaving thousands of military families without a loved one during the holidays.

While it's important to recognize those who serve, we must not forget the families that serve with them. When you consider all of the wives, husbands, kids, siblings, parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles affected, there are millions of people with an empty seat this holiday season - at the dinner table, around the Christmas tree, at a school play, or just at home with their family.

This holiday season, you can make an impact by simply thanking a military family member. Thank them for the sacrifices they make so we can enjoy the holidays with our own families. Or, thank them for loving and supporting our troops. Whatever you decide to thank them for, we invite you to do it in your own way. This time of year is especially hard on military families so take the pledge to "say thanks" and share your story here for others to see.

Take the pledge, then learn about ways you can join the Operation Appreciation movement at: Actor Geoff Stults, along with dozens of athletes and celebrities have contributed to our cause, and you should too! Please consider making a donation to this event here.

Struggling with how to say thanks? Here are a few ideas:

  1. Thank a family member of someone you know who is serving right now by: sending them a card; sending an email or text; or, by thanking them in person or on the phone.
  2. Make a donation to Operation Appreciation 2012, an event we're producing for military families with the National Military Family Association and Military Child Education Coalition.
  3. Connect with an organization that is collecting cards to send to military service-people and their families. Examples include:
  4. Leave a comment on this page for family members to see.


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