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Dear Government Body,
We see that you guys are taking away God in everything USA Related. The Bill of Rights says we have a right of Religion, not that we shouldn't have religion. Please put back Prayer in school and please stop the removal of God in public events. Don't let the enemy control this Nation. Our founding fathers were Christian, why can't America be? This should be available to all Christians, it doen't have to be for all Americans. If people don't want to pray, they don't have to, but if people want to pray, they should get the chance to do so. Whatever religion it may be, let them pray!
Thanks for Your TIme,
Alex Figueroa Jr
(Christian Facebook EXPLOSION cause leader)


Misionera Iris Velazquez

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How this will help

Signing this petition shows that you aren't afraid of the Gospel, and you aren't afraid to show that YOU ARE OF GOD, NO ONE CAN TAKE IT AWAY!!


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