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A new House Bill HR-543 The Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act was re-introduce to the 113th legislative assembly, All is not lost, we pick up what is broken and fix it. HERE IS WHAT YOU AS AMERICANS CAN DO TO HELP. If you know of a Vietnam veteran who is sick and can not get VA benefits, ask all who you know to call Congress and Senate and demand positive action.  Congress and Senate need to be urged to do the right thing for our Vietnam Veterans who are sick. The Vietnam Veterans are the forgotten. Let our legislators know that the American people insist that they be recognized. By signing this petition, you will help many tens of thousands of Vietnam veterans who fought for Freedom. They ask for nothing more then to be recognized by our government and the American people. They deserve to be equally treated with respect. Laws need to be made so Vietnam veterans can be afforded full VA benefits. Most important they will know you care.

your member of Congress and Senate. Tell them to help Vietnam veterans. With the backing of the American people united as one voice, We will succeed. There is nothing more then a

warming feeling knowing you helped veterans rights for better quality of life. "FREEDOM IS NOT FREE".. I will send the petition signatures to both the Congress and Senate and to the President. This will let our legislators know that We The People support our

veterans who are in need. Ask your friends to sign the petition. If you are on Facebook, post the petition to your FB page. You can also ask the Editor of your local newspaper to publish the petition. The petition can be found at by typing in the search

the title of the petition.


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