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This year I have decided it is time to start giving back. I've thought about this for too long to not do it. I have a family background with military including a grandfather who served as a Marine, my father who served as a pilot in the Air Force. I currently have two brothers serving, one in the Army and one in the Coast Guard and a sister in-law serving in the Army. I my self, never served. I chose the path to stay home and start a family and start two companies. My wife and I believe in our military and we believe in our country. If it wasn't for those who have served and are currently serving we would not be blessed with the freedoms that we have to do what we have done.

That being said, I have personally spent many hours within a gym working out. I've come to a point where I've started asking, aside from the personal health benefits, what is the purpose? What if I could take my level of conditioning and use it to do something good? What if I could take the things I enjoy, working out, hiking, and trail running and develop them to do something to give back? To say thank you to the men and women who have served this country. To say thank you to those who have put their own personal freedoms, and for some their own personal safety on the line, to preserve my rights.

As I stated before, this has been on the back of my mind for about 3 years now. Now is the time. I have spent time researching many charities to find one that I feel fit the bill of my passion. The foundation I have chosen is the Wounded Warrior Project, which is dedicated to helping soldiers who were wounded in combat return home successfully.

My goal is to perform a 50 mile ultra-marathon. I have had many people ask me how I intend to do this. My response is, "When you have a why, the how is easy." I have my why. I want to use this event as an opportunity to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project. Thank you all for you your support in helping me fulfill a dream that I've had for some time. To give back to those that have and those that are currently serving our great country.

Goal: $5,000
Task: 50 Mile Ultra-Marathon
Charity: Wounded Warrior Project

How You Can Help: 1. Charity Miles - Download the App - Team Code:  WWPT (Profile --> Teams) Donate your training miles without ever reaching into your own wallet 2. Financially - Make a donation 3. Promote the Weekend Warrior Project

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