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The Homeless Issue in Pawtuxet Valley has grown to epidemic proportions and it is time we look for ways to address it. Formerly, I was the site director of the Emmanuel House Emergency Shelter in Providence. From past experience, we feel we need a rescue shelter here in our area. Over the past month, I have walked the bike path from Natick Village to Anthony and have counted as many as 131 people camped out on the bike path, with an average of 80+ on any given night. As winter closes in on us, this problem also becomes a health issue. We have decided enough is enough and have begun to form a coalition to look at and combat this problem. This petition is asking for the signatures of residents of Pawtuxet Valley to show their support for the opening of a shelter and for getting these people off the streets. Help us as we begin to address these issues and close the gap on homelessness!

Thank You for Your SUPPORT!!!


The Artic Mission / The Pawtuxet Valley Homeless Advocacy

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