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Save Hebbal Lake Save BEML Quarters Lake in Mysore
- Crimes of Mysore Deputy Commissioner & Commissioner Mysore Urban Development Authority – An Appeal to Honourable Supreme Court of India

In the past , Mysore Maharaja & other philanthropists have donated their personal lands , properties , built many lakes & ponds in mysore , bangalore and other places with public concern , public wellbeing in their mind . They built these lakes & ponds in addition to preserving the natural lakes & ponds. They knew about the importance of ecological balance & environment. The present rulers , IAS & KAS babus have even failed to preserve the lakes & ponds built decades ago , let alone build one. These Public servants have extended their tacit support to building mafia , to kill these lakes & ponds , to fill those lakes with industrial effluents , sewage & building mud wastes. After killing those lakes & ponds , the building mafia encroaches on it & usurps that public property in turn selling it for crores of rupees.

In this way , Hootagalli lake was killed & encroached by Kaynes Hotel ( now silent shores hotel) , Hebbal Lake is being killed & encroached from all sides by industries and the lake infront of BEML Quarters is being killed & land demarcation for selling those land has already begun.

The public servants were totally indifferent towards public outcry against this . The IAS & KAS babus who are also magistrates with judicial authority have failed in preserving these lakes & ponds inspite of appeals to them. These death of lakes resulting in their encroachments could have been prevented earlier by DC , Tahsildar , MUDA Commissioner & KIADB Officers. Even I have appealed to them through my web news paper , they didn’t take action at all. I have made RTI request to those authorities to give me information regarding status of those lakes years ago , fearing truth will come out they didn’t anwer my questions in full , they only gave half truths. When I persisited with my RTI request the Mysore District Magistrate at that time Mr. P.Manivannan repeatedly called me over phone , abused me & threatened me . Even threats were made by some policemen in mufti . Finally that lake land was allotted to an industrially supposed to be close to Industries minister at that time. The courts are dispassionate & inhuman , while passing eviction orders against poor people , the police are full of guts & show their full bravery , valour against these poor land encroachers. Fine , let us appreciate their duty consciousness . However rich & well connected criminals have illegally encroached upon public lands , the same courts and police are not taking appropriate action inspite of repeated appeals , why ? Even the Supreme Court of India & Police are Weak & Meak before Land Mafia. Don’t the same Judges & Police have Guts , Bravery , Duty Conciousness & Integrity to take action against such rich land grabbers ? The answer lies in the following articles. Once again we offer our conditional services to Supreme Court of India , to legally apprehend criminals while the respective public servants have failed to do the same.

Hereby , we request the honourable Supreme Court of India ,
1. To initiate criminal prosecution against Mysore district magistrate , Mysore taluk magistrate , MUDA Commissioner , Jurisdictional Police Officers & KIADB Officer , for making contempt of Supreme Court of India Order applying throught india to preserve lakes & ponds.
2. To evict all encroachers forth with .
3. To immediately stop all flow of industrial effluents & sewage to these lakes & ponds.
4. To initiate criminal prosecution against encroachers of these lakes & pollters , killers of these lakes.
5. To preserve the said lakes & ponds , by recovering cost from encroachers , polluting industries and the co-conspirators Mysore DC , Mysore Tahsildar , MUDA Commissioner , KIADB Officer & Jurisdictional Police Officers.
6. To protect me , my family members & dependents from land mafia & co-conspirators of the crime.
7. To order , to issue Writ of Mandamus to Mysore District Magistrate , MUDA Commissioner & KIADB Officer to disclose all the information sought by me in my RTI request publicly. The copy of my RTI request is reproduced below.

Date : 17.11.2012 Your’s Sincerely,
Place : Mysore Nagaraja.M.R.


Nagaraja Raghupathi

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