Sign the Petition to The Pakistani Government, The Pakistani Judiciary, The Iranian leadership, The Entire Muslim Ummah (Sunni/Shia), The Muslim World Leaders, The UN, The EU

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It is essential that you sign this petition for the simple reason that every human life is sacred, and Shias are systematically being wiped out in Pakistan. This is genocide! Please do not be silent against ANY human injustice. You do not have to be Shia to sign, you do not even have to accept the Shia aqeeda, but all you need to have is a heart that values human life and a voice that is prepared to be raised against terror and injustice, Today it is the Shias: tomorrow it could be another group. Pakistan's stability, indeed its very foundations, are being shook by this spate of violence, affecting its economy and social harmony. Shias have a right to live in peace and security like anyone else. We raise our voice against injustices in Palestine, Syria, Bahrain: but we are forgetting Pakistan. Help us to end this now.


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