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Campaign for an Open & Accountable Justice System

Justice is the pride of every nation.

Britain which pioneered the concept of individual freedom with the Magna Carter has an important place in deciding how to manage the future challenges of democracy. Our lordships as the guardians of the constitution should be supported to protect this heritage of constitutional law, so that Britain may lead the way with the democratic compliance of a 21st century democracy.

The Justice and Security Bill threatens over 200 years of democracy in Europe as the British people fight to secure their habeas corpus rights. Ambiguously defined national security threats favour a new bill now being introduced to make it a crime to protest in a way that disrupts any government process and to criminalise anyone who is in position to expose government corruption and fraud.

It gives the government the power to presume guilt rather than innocence, and indefinitely imprison anyone accused of a belligerent act or terror-related offence without trial. It could provide political leaders the power to arrest their political critics. The Justice and Security Bill is the worst threat to civil liberty in Europe, since we have for the first time in the democratic age, a case in Europe where habeas corpus could be suspended. What threat could justify an abdication of constitutional law?

I believe the EU is able to provide a constitutional guard based on its own founding principle to support an open justice system and ensure national security should not supersede our constitutional principles.

Secret courts would not be compliant with EU law and as my personal case demonstrates there is a real risk the security services could become above accountability, a state within a state, because the service is judged to handle sensitive information. Is this an issue of organisational culture and management, should there be complacency to the fact that our service is implicated in torture.

Justice, the pride and envy of every nation, is the very embodiment of national integrity. We must protect out national heritage and save the Human Rights Act. To view the full document please visit:


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