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Participate in building a movement for a just economy. Join the Working World's campaign to save fa

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How this will help

Join the Working World's campaign to save factories across North America by lending to workers who are fighting to recover their jobs.  

New Era was a battle in which workers stood up against all odds and fought for their dignity.  But there is still a long way to go.  Support them.  And support workers around the country who want to join in this struggle.
Donate, and your dollars will go to a fund that will help workers buy out their factories and save their jobs.  Together we can do many more factories over the course of next year, but we need your help!  

1.  Donate to help us build worker cooperatives around the country!
2.  Share this campaign with friends!
3.  Tweet about us and tell our story!
4.  Contact us if you are interested in investing in our fund for worker cooperatives!


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