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People worldwide dedicated to championing the causes of peace and education.

We are co-signers of the United People for Peace Declaration started by students, teachers and staff of Alliance College-Ready Academy High School #5 in Central Los Angeles, CA and now being signed in high schools around the US. Thank you for supporting our international peace movement.


Seth King

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We declare peace now inside of ourselves. We declare peace inside of our schools, our communities and our families. We declare peace now in between all people of all races, religions, beliefs,...

We declare peace now inside of ourselves. We declare peace inside of our schools, our communities and our families. We declare peace now in between all people of all races, religions, beliefs, countries, genders, abilities and creeds. We commit ourselves to non-violent, constructive and intelligent actions to realize these declarations.

We stand for education and activism. We commit ourselves to contribute to the cause of peace in our school, neighborhood, city, state, country and world. We stand in communication, partnership and friendship for the purpose of creating a world where each and every person can survive, thrive, graduate and succeed.

We stand for peace and power in the hands of the people. We acknowledge the fact that all people on Earth are literally of one family --- that of humankind. We will no longer remain powerless when poverty, discrimination, war, violence and destruction continue to be waged upon our brothers and sisters around the world. We are people who commit ourselves to communication, collaboration and creative actions that forward peace, reduce poverty and stop violence locally and globally.

We stand for democracy and justice. We are committed to lessening the apparent control that world bankers, global corporations, and government representatives seem to have over us. We commit ourselves to being responsible people who participate in the political process and hold our politicians accountable.

We stand for character and leadership. Governments are here to serve us. We acknowledge it. We demand it. They may appear to have taken power away from us and used it to steer our world towards war for financial profit, but the greater truth is that the power is and has always been in our own hearts and minds.

We stand for non-violent, active, committed, thoughtful and intelligent solutions that naturally dissolve away fear, hatred, anger, conflict and violence like water onto fire. We stand for peace in between the people of Israel and Palestine, and peace in between the people of the United States and Iran, North Korea, China, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela and Pakistan. We stand for compassion, partnership and service in the face of any and all natural or man-made disasters like Hurricane Sandy, the Fukushima Earthquake and Nuclear Power Plant disaster in Japan, and the shootings in Sandy Hook.

We are a high school community committed to proving to ourselves the power that we ourselves have to forward the cause of peace by our own declaration, communication, partnership and collaborative action. We commit ourselves to causing a worldwide peace and education movement that neighborhood, city, state, country and world leaders must recognize, acknowledge and respect.

The instruments of the Internet and social-media make grassroots social, educational and political activist movements more possible now than ever before. The time has come to organize in our local communities and mobilize utilizing these powerful worldwide social-media resources to make a difference and contribute towards world peace.

This petition inspired and gave rise to the "One World Declaration of Peace" at…

This is an exploration into what is possible. As families and communities of people, we all want peace. Thank you for joining us in our community experiment to raise global awareness, attention and resources towards furthering the cause of peace and its outcomes.

Your signed agreement and commitment to youth leadership, responsibility, non-violent activism, democracy, civilization, education and graduation is a genuine contribution towards peace and makes a difference!

Thank you.


Mr. King
Teacher - College-Ready Academy High School #5
President of United States Division - United People for Peace (UPP!)

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