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Shop from small business and independent artisans this holiday season!

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How this will help

Let's support Pledge for 2013 Christmas and Holidays:

Buy gifts from small businesses during this holiday season!
From your neighbor who sells from a catalog or has an on line business, from the creative friends who sell jewelry, crafts and paintings, from the baker who bakes delicious home-made cookies, from independent labels that promote unique artists and music, from self-publishing writers!

Make sure the money goes to everyday people and small business and NOT to the big corporations!

You will be remembered for giving unique, exclusive, artistic and one of a kind gifts! Make an impact this year!

Peter D. Morris, CEO of the shopping center and real estate firm Greenstead Group, LLC. worries that small business will not be heard through the din of the national retailer advertising in traditional and new media. "Small business needs to develop another avenue to attract customers, keep existing customers and increase sales. Word of mouth doesn't cut it, and new age and social media takes more time than most business has available during Christmas." he said.

The Wells Fargo press release stated sales were expected to increase by 3.8 percent this year. A recently released National Retail Federation 2012 Holiday Consumer Spending Survey conducted by BIGinsight, which tracks consumer behavior, indicated that the average consumer expects to spend $749.51 on holiday items compared to $740.57 spent last year.

Part of the sales increase is due to the infamous Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. While many small stores do not have to fight the crowd, large retailers, such as Walmart, are a stockyard of impatient, deal-minded customers.

Mia Oglesby, owner of Gifts By Mia, a specialty gift shop, who left the grind of working for someone else to open her shop in April 2010, said owning a business has been "heavenly," but as far as holiday sales go, they are very important.

"(The holiday season) is definitely part of survival for me," Oglesby said.

A new business owner, Luciana, a very talented, artistic interior design decorator, opened the first ever "mobile" bakery in Austin, TX (you can see the picture of her trailer bakery featured here). She makes delicious cupcakes from scratch and has an incredible menu that offers also gluten free items. Luciana wakes up very early in the morning, prepares all her ingredients and menu for the day, and is on her feet baking and decorating and selling all day long. It's a very hard working day and she loves what she does! All of her baked items are freshly made, with the best ingredients she can find (real butter for example), top quality. She has an amazing creativity! Being a new business owner, it's hard for Luciana to handle baking, marketing, and all facets of a small business. CupCaking Desire, (, the first mobile bakery in the state, needs the support of the community to continue surviving and thriving, offering mouth watering delicacies and making happy customers! This is a great time of the year to order cakes, cupcakes and other baking items for all the Christmas and holidays coming around!

The only way a small business survives is with our support. This and many other business owners depend on busy times of the year to show their talents and get their business going!

Check out the story of a great local business in Anchorage, Alaska. The video tells their story - it's a unique place like an emporium that thrives with the support of the community! (

There are so many small businesses and on line shops that are trying to make it this holiday season. Let's be part of their success!!!

Let's make a difference! Support your local community businesses!

Share this message if you support this initiative and PLEDGE!!!

Thanks for your generosity and thoughtfulness!

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