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The President of the Lebanese Republic, the Prime Minister (and the Ministers) and the Head of the Parliament (and the People Representatives)

We the Lebanese Citizens, the Lebanese Diaspora, All Friends of Humans, Nature, Environment and Lebanon WorldWide, understand the Great Challenges of Leaders in Your position.

We are asking you for the sake of the Existing and Future Human generations living in Lebanon and on our Planet… Ancient Phoenician Coast with Unique Rock Formation..Endangered by a Port project. Protect it before it is too late...

Save and Protect one of the very few Turtle Beach Reserves in Lebanon (2 known, both in the same area) and probably in the East Mediterranean– Mansouri Beach – South Lebanon

Endangered Species of Turtles coming from all around the Mediterranean and the Planet have been coming for thousands of years to lay their eggs and reproduce on these beaches.

The Lebanese Coast is not more than a mere 210 Km. Many parts of the coast are polluted and or with illegal constructions. Less than 5 % of the coast remains Clean and untouched.

The Development plans to make a new Port at the emplacement of the Unique Rock Cliffs formation is Extremely Absurd and Destructive to one of the last remaining Natural Spots on the Historic Ancient Phoenician coast.

We ask you to Immediately Declare the Coastal area in South of Lebanon that stretches from to the Naqura Cliffs (South of Tyre) to the Tyre Reserve  as a National Protected area and Sea biosphere reserve.

Any future implementations for any need for Petroleum port must be done North of this area in a very strict Environmental standards. This is simply a Suicidal activity..not just for the country Lebanon but also to the Region and the whole Planet since we are all Connected on our Home, Planet Earth

We believe Leaders Can Help Influence a Change like this but they cannot do it alone without Involving their Local Population….

We Urge You to Take Immediate Action and help protecting our Unique Coastal Heritage We wish you a Great Success for Implementing this Noble and Essential Mission

The Lebanese Citizens, the Lebanese Diaspora, All Friends of Humans, Nature, Environment and Lebanon Worldwide!

We are One…!!


Gabriel Harmonia

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How this will help

When the last piece of Clean Coast and Natural Heritage goes, what will you do ?

Act now before it is too late...


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