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Georgetown Mayor & City Council

Jackie Carey, the shelter director in Georgetown, Tx has removed Angus, a purebred australian shepherd, from Petfinder and all adoption lists! She is planning to euthanize him!! Instead of allowing him to go to a sanctuary that can give him the specialized training he needs! The Director of Angeldogs foundation Deaf Dog Ranch has pleaded with Carey to allow them to take him into their program, regardless of his issues, but she has refused!! It was originally posted on the Georgetown Shelters webpage that Angus was visually & hearing impaired. But now that people are upset that he is facing euthanization, they are claiming hat he is aggressive and not deaf or blind! For whatever reason Carey, seems to think that killing Angus is a more appropriate decision than allowing him to be rescued?!! WE WANT TO KNOW WHY IT'S BETTER TO KILL HIM THAN TO ALLOW HIM TO BE RESCUED?!


Kathi Norris

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Once again we have a dog with no voice facing death for no reason! We have to be his voice and let the city of Georgetown know that it is not acceptable to kill Angus!! Please sign and share this petition!


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