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Seeds to Feed the World Website

The story of seeds has become one of loss, control, dependence and debt. It's been written by those who want to make vast profit from our food system, no matter what the true cost. It's time to change the story.

 "Growing our own food supply through a nationwide network".

We advocate for people to grow their own healthy food supply and send us your food seeds to donate to others to help them grow food sustainable gardens.

We provide seeds to families who are in difficult situations due to illness, accident, or misfortune and are in need of basic living essentials. Building global food stability. Join our cause in donating seeds to those who want to grow there own healthy foods to become sustainable and to help families and individuals to grow a stable food supply. We celebrate community power to regain control over the most basic element to human well-being: food.

A mature tree or plentiful crops can provide pounds of fruits, vegetables and grains to feed a family. Whatever a family can't eat, they can sell and trade. Your simple gift of seeds can contribute to provide for a community for years to come.

It is a matter of survival for people to have at their disposal healthy and nutritious food. Growing their own crops will enable people to endure the hottest period of the year. A period when food is in short supply and little else is available to eat.

We call upon you to provide a hand-up to the people in an inexpensive and user-friendly manner.

Seeds to Feed the World believes that this project can turn out to be a world changing initiative. The citizens of the developed world, taking steps to enable self-reliance and sustainable development in the developed world and third world.

Together, we will contribute in food stability, combating hunger, desertification and poverty!

Thank you for taking the pledge.


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