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Support California renters' rights.

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How this will help

Tenants are going through hell in California right now. Rents are skyrocketing, slumlords won't make repairs, unemployment is high, and banks and investors are evicting tens of thousands of tenants across the state. California has the second-most-expensive rental housing in the nation, after Hawaii. Many tenants live with unsafe and unhealthy housing conditions because their landlords won't make repairs. Unscrupulous landlords steal security deposits, resulting in millions of dollars of security deposit theft from California tenants every year.

Tenants Together is here to help and we need you to get the word out. We are building a movement to demand healthy, more stable housing for families who rent. Not everyone can afford to own a home, but everyone deserves a safe, secure place to call home and raise their families. Tenants Together is a non-profit membership organization that helps renters across the state learn their rights and how to assert them. Any tenant can call our Tenant Rights Hotline to get started. By signing this pledge, we are asking you to tell any California renter you know to call us at 888.495.8020 when they need help.


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