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The Gypsy, Roma and Travellers have been in the British Isles for over five hundred years, in that time. Every leading Government has killed, enslaved, criminalised and constantly persecuted them, for their persistence of being recognised as an ethnic minority. To have their culture and way of life be respected, to be aloud to integrate with the wider society.
Please help us stop this Government in their constant quest to criminalising us, rather than equiping us with the tools to help ourselves into full integration, give us decent accommodation, education, training and employment, let our children celebrate their culture and a heave their aspirations met and a have their full pertensials met, rather than being dogmatised and vilified.
Please respect us rather that criminalise us.


Joseph P Jones

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We need to have a national voice of one. If we use this method, maybe we can change harts and minds through our numbers. Please sign. It's for you and your siblings future.


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