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Phoned this guy up who said a friend had played a prank on him and he didn't own any dogs.AdId: 1009508883

Dear Gumtree,

You can only do what you can do I know and you do have articles and guidelines that no one reads on pet policies.

This is now the second time I've been told of pranksters placing ads. Is there any way that you could adapt the site to ensure that when placing animal listings, there is a genuine person selling genuine animals? Its so unfair on the people being scammed and lots of them don't realise how to contact you.

Can I make a suggestion?

Could you add a condition to the listing whereby you MUST submit either a genuine drivers licence number or passport number? I feel that this would deter some of the idiots who feel it funny to place such ads. I feel it would also deter those looking for dogs for dog fighting and dog baiting.

Having to supply formal id and address would not prevent all issues I am sure but it sure would be a deterrent!

How about if to post a pet ad you HAD TO BE A GUMTREE REGISTERED USER?!! How cool would THAT be? To become a registerd user you must supply and have confirmed your drivers and passport numbers, address, contactable phone number (which can be verified)and sign a contract?

Come on Gumtree, lets put a stop to these animal listings that simply are not on, especially where people are selling kittens and dogs under 8 weeks of age, that's just disgusting.

Please, please can we have a registration facility to post any advert for animals....even if to register it costs a small fee?

Yours Sincerely,

A. De Stan
[email protected]


Adey Demondefiar

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How this will help

Think the email speaks for itself.

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