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United Parcel Service (UPS)

We petition the United Parcel Service - UPS - to Reinstate Funding for the Boy Scouts of America.

We will continute to petition UPS until this matter changes.

1) Contact UPS at 404-828-7123 AND [email protected]
about its new pro-homosexual giving policy that is not even neutral, but effectively DISCRIMINATES against the Boy Scouts and any faith- or moral-based group that opposes homosexuality. Under the new policy, UPS will no longer donate to the Boy Scouts because the Scouts’ “morally straight” code disallows homosexual Scoutmasters and members.

Call UPS: Public Relation Dep’t: 404-828-7123 or Customer Service: 800 -742-5877 (hit “0” for the operator). E-mail UPS’ PR Dep’t at [email protected].

2) THANK THE BOY SCOUTS… for not caving into pressure campaigns by homosexual activists and their allies. You can reach the Boy Scouts online here:
or at 972-580-2000 (M-F: 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM Central Time).


Leslie Ann Howard-Redweik

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How this will help

Companies need to know and see that those with traditional family values care! Far left activists speak out to companies but we often appear silent and unconcerned. It is your duty to speak out.


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