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This is the Story about my daughter and what has been going on at the high school.

Does Kingston High School Take
Bullying and Assaults in School Seriously?

This story is about my daughter and her problems in Kingston High school and their inability to provide a safe place for her education. On October 8th my daughter was leaving the high school when two girls whose names cannot be provided, because they are under the age of eighteen, threatened my daughter to “punch her face in.” A 10th grader overheard this threat and walked my daughter home. My daughter’s guidance officer stated to my mother when she told him about the incident “he could not take the report from her.” However, under Kingston High School Policy Number 5320, page 3, it states that “students who have been bullied, parents, whose children have been bullied, or other students, who observe bullying behavior, are encouraged to make a verbal and/or written complaint to a teacher, coach, bus driver, social worker, counselor, supervisor or administrator in accordance with the training and guidelines provided.” The guidance counselor finally took the report from my mother and my daughter.
On the 23rd of October, my daughter said that the bullies were still calling her names. On the 24th of October sometime in the morning, my mother called my daughter’s social worker at the high school to find out what was happening with the incident that started on the on the 8th of October. The social worker said that she did not know what was going on but would get back to her. That same afternoon we received a call from the nurse stating that my daughter was choked in class; the E.R. diagnosed my daughter with a contusion of the neck. My daughter did not go to school on the 25th and instead we went to the Kingston Police Department to file charges against the girl, who choked my daughter. When we got home my mother called the assistant principal, who stated “we are still investigating it.” The police officer from the school told my mother that the girl, who choked my daughter, received out of school suspension.
On the 26th my daughter went back to school and soon called informing me that the girl who choked her was still in school. Subsequently, my daughter received an order of protection against this girl. On the 8th of November at 7:50a.m., we received another call from the school nurse stating that my daughter was choked again by another girl. The next day we kept my daughter home and informed the vice principal, who stated “I don’t know what all this choking is about.” and that she would look into it. She also stated that she wanted to talk to my daughter on Friday the 9th when she got to school.
A meeting was arranged with the school for the 13th of November at 8:00a.m. On the 9th of November my daughter woke up to some threatening text messages that she received from a girl at the school. The messages said “Hey I thought we were cool but WE Iama b waiting 4 you on Tuesday” and “O n u wanna get my bitch oss you better think again.”
Today, November 12th, we had a meeting with the school and the outcome was that my daughter will not attend school until the school comes up with a safety plan for her. Because the school could not guarantee my daughter’s safety and it is not safe for her to attend school, she becomes a victim twice for the actions of several bullies against her. This is the same as suspending her for someone else’s actions. The assistant principal also stated in the meeting that “the group of girls is a very hands on bunch of girls” and was looking for a reason to justify the choking of my daughter. Horseplay according to the Jefferson County Board of Education §1.04 states that it is against the rules of Kingston High School. After this meeting with the A.P. and the social worker from school my mother received a phone call from the principle. He called to setup a meeting for that afternoon.
At the meeting the principle, an officer from KPD, a case worker, my mother, and myself met at the high school for about an hour. KPD and the principle both said that they could not guarantee us that they could keep her safe 100% of the time witch I understand but they also said that they would make sure nothing happened tomorrow when my daughter went to school. I still did not feel o.k. about sending my daughter to school but agreed being that KPD and the principle were on my side.
Today November 14th my daughter went to school even though I thought that it was a bad idea. School starts at 7:50am and no more the 30 minutes pass before the girl who sent her text messages on the 9th started threating her again. This is the 2nd time with the same girl in less than a week. At this point we are waiting on the Board of Education to call us back. I have been on the phone with my attorney, and my mother has been on the phone with a lot of other people as well.
There are at least six girls that are bullying my daughter that I know of and nothing is really being done about it. I feel as it is being blown off as “kids will be kids.” With all of the security in Kingston High School, from cameras to officers in the hallways, how is it that this has happened more than once to my daughter? How serious does this have to get before the school takes a serious action? I want to know if any other parent is having the same problem with the high school. If so please email me at [email protected].


Patrick Bower

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Kingston High School dose not take bulling and assaults seriously. This is for a change in the punishment for bulling and assaults in the school. Right now as it stands the MAX for someone...

Kingston High School dose not take bulling and assaults seriously. This is for a change in the punishment for bulling and assaults in the school. Right now as it stands the MAX for someone assaulting another student is only 3 days O.S.S. Bullying is also only a MAX of 3 days O.S.S. There should be harsher consequence for these actions. Instead of 3 days MAX it should be 7 days MAX. It is a time for change in the Kingston High School.


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