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The fashion/advertising world

Have you ever seen a fashion shoot or advertisement in high gloss magazines where women sit wide-legged (a gynaecologist would have a field day watching these crotch shots) while trying to sell you overpriced handbags or shiny leggings? Or maybe naked sitting on a plate of pasta, offering you a nice cup of Italian coffee? Covered in oil, bound with ropes naked in an 'arty' fashion shoot? How do you feel about this kind of photography? It makes me and more and more other people (M/F) uncomfortable, slightly depressed and most of all, very, very angry. Aren't there better and more beautiful ways to sell consumer goods and magazines? Is respect for women old fashioned? What kind of example do we give to our daughters by just shrugging our shoulders and saying 'That's the way things are, I can't change this by myself'?
I believe that we can and we should raise our voice when we see images that are degrading to women- and to men, for that matter. Let's raise our voices together, in the hope for a better and more beautiful world- a world where compassion counts more than a jaded disdain for what makes us human.


Ninette Murk

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How this will help

To make art directors, photographers and editors stop and think about what they're doing- would you do the same thing if your mother/sister/daughter was involved? Let's hear it for true beauty and show some respect!


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