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speak out against dangerous driving and to promote road safety in my life in every way I can

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How this will help

A recent study revealed that majority (64%) of Kenyans do not take
personal responsibility for their safety on the roads, leaving this role to the Police. Personal road safety is the responsibility of every individual who must make sure that they drive with respect to the law and to other road users around them.

Pedestrians and other vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists make up more than half (57%) of those killed on our roads. It is reported that 3000 Kenyans die on our roads annually
but the actual figure could be as high as 13,000 due to deaths that go unreported to the police or hospitals. More often than not, those killed in road accidents are the breadwinners of the family.
Their death means that their family is left to fend for themselves and are often forced further into poverty.

According to the same survey, 71% of Kenyans believe that road accidents are caused by speeding while 58% rated drunk driving as one of the main causes of road accidents. These are behaviours that can be controlled by individuals who recognize that road safety is their own personal responsibility.

This Sunday, 18th November, the World will commemorate the World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims. This year, on this day, as we remember those we have lost in road accidents, let's all take a pledge to take responsibility for our own safety on our roads.

By signing this, you are taking a pledge to:

- Adhere to the traffic laws and to obey the directives of the traffic police
- To not speed, especially around heavily populated areas such as villages, schools and shopping malls
- To not drink and drive
-To not drive carelessly or recklessly which would cause danger to other road users
-To speak out against dangerous driving and to promote road safety in your daily lives in whichever way you can
- And to take personal responsibility for your behaviour on our roads



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