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The Coach headquarters is in NYC. For Coach fans, Coach was THE American designer handbag source. Coach products used to be high quality items made in the United States. For many of us the made in the United States label was a major reason that we purchased Coach over other similar products. Over the past several years Coach has been outsourcing the manufacturing of their products to China, Vietnam, etc. While Coach products remain high quality, and we love them, we are aware that we need Coach to bring those jobs home.

Please sign the petition so that we can convince Coach that we want them to come home. I realize that 200,000 signatures seems like a lofty ambition, but I know that almost every female on my friends list owns at least one Coach bag. If we all share this petition I believe we can reach that number.

I am not asking anyone to give up their Coach bags. I am only asking that you don't buy another one until they are made in the United States again


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