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Not use oil or oil products for one day.

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How this will help

Across the globe, oil companies are taking advantage of people with little political voice, and exploiting their lands and homes by using cheap, antiquated technologies, and not employing proper environmental monitoring.

We are asking that for one day you say no to oil: leave your car in the garage, bring your own cloth bag to the market, don't use cosmetics made from petroleum, buy local products, etc. It might be hard, but by saying no to oil for one day, we can start to be aware of how much oil we actually use, and begin to limit our use on a regular basis.

Sign this pledge as a first step in your commitment to reduce oil consumption, and stand in solidarity with those whose homes and health are affected by oil exploitation every day.

Also, please let us know how YOU went about saying no to oil by leaving your ideas in the comment section. This will give us all better ideas on how we can limit our oil consumption.


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