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The Bhartiya Sewa on Monday claimed that number of cows have been decreasing in the country and demanded a ban on slaughter of the animal.

Nearly one lakh bovine animals, including cows, are daily slaughtered throughout the country, National Secretary BS Mohit Gupta told reporters here adding those involved in this must be treated as murderers.

The number of cow slaughter centres have increased from 36 to over 3,500 now he said, adding thousands of such centre were functioning illegally in the country.

Describing cow as the most useful creature, he said there are nearly 200 centres in the country where urine, dung and milk of the animal are used for preparation of medicines and in 40 such centres youths are being trained.

The BS leader said it has been observed that a cow on average yields milk worth Rs 5,000/- per month which can be a regular source of income.

So This Diwali Make Difference with this Causes Stop Cows Murdered please give me hands together.


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