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Since 2009, an estimated 27,780 veterans and 2,659 service members have died by their own hand. In a single year alone, more veterans die by suicide than have died in all the years of the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars combined. This is absolutely unacceptable.

Wait lists for mental health and even medical care can be excessive, sometimes taking 3 months for a primary care appointment and even months to years to receive mental health treatment. There are simply not enough medical and mental health professionals employed by the VA to go around. Over one million benefits claims are currently on the back burner due to lack of personnel to review the files. The drastic underfunding of the VA healthcare system has a great impact on the quality and quantity of care that veterans are able to receive.

It's time to let those in charge know that the neglectful way our nation's veterans are treated by the system is unacceptable. It's time to fight for those that have fought for us!


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