Sign the Petition to Permanent and Total Removal of all Foreign Military from Australia.


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Since 1942, a permanent Foreign Military presence has been located within Australia. This Military presence, as a bargaining chip, of this Foreign National Government, has allowed this Foreign National Government undue and overbearing influence, to systematically, infiltrate every facet of our society and Government, negatively affect, and strip away the character of our Nation and our identity as Australians.

This warrantless ( since 1945 and the end of WW2 ) intrusion into our lives, has skewed and distorted the very fabric of our emergent Australianism.

We have been turned into a vassal entity, an outpost of a Foreign culture.

We are first and foremost "Australians", not Europeans, not Middle Eastern, not Asians, not Africans and not Americans, "WE ARE AUSTRALIANS" !!!

"WE" take care of our own, "WE" look after ourselves, our values of Mateship and a Fair go for all, underpin our very core beliefs in who and what we are.

The "Trojan Horse of Foreign Military" within our own Borders, has allowed the undesirable elements of a Foreign culture, to enter into every dynamic of our day to day lives and to distort this Australian Nation.

It is well past time that " WE" as a Mature, Sovereign, Self Sufficient Nation, make it perfectly clear to every other Nation that Australia and Australians are quite capable of making our own way in this World.

If any AUSTRALIAN ( from the Governor General right down to the latest new born ), prefers that we have Foreign Military based within our country, then feel free to hand back your Australian citizenship, and go and reside in the other country of your choice, never to return.



V.c. David Bramwells

Respect is Earned, not given nor bestowed. We are quite capable as Australians, of making our own decisions, and taking care of our own, We are not a pawn in the hands of other Nations to be directed, coerced nor bullied into going along with any other Nations agenda.


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