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Many families suffer from the death of a loved one do to anothers Choices. It is a long healing process that sometimes lasts a lifetime. Allowing access to Facebook from prison doesn't seem like much of a punishment. I realize prison has it's draw backs, it just seems not really justice if you "maybe" do 2 yrs and get to access FB and post with N O remorse, throw gang signs and post photos of a visit in jail , get free surgeries (yes multipe) free legal, and letters, phone calls, visits and even skype visits and a count down to getting out and reunited with friends and family.. We got bills even from the coroner, we get no photos except of a grave site, we get no calls or visits unless it' s in our dreams and then they may be nightmares, the only countdown we have is when we die and are reunited.. is that really justice? My family and my daughters friends don't need to be terrorized by posts from an inmate we need to heal.


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