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Skip one meal this Thanksgiving week for those who cannot eat.

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How this will help

To begin to understand someone we must know what it feels like to be in their shoes.

Purposefully skipping a meal or fasting helps us to remember what it feels like to be hungry and have a great appreciation for what we have.

Most people in East Africa cannot afford to eat three meals a day. At most they have tea for breakfast and ugali (pastelike corn meal mush) with skumawiki (kale) for dinner. Kenya as a whole has an extreme poverty rate of around 45%. In some areas of Kenya the poverty rate is well over 80% meaning that in many families one meal day is a stretch. For more statistics see

Next time you have the urge to eat out, skip the meal. Donate what you would have spent to the Madaraka Community Information Center giving a great Christmas gift to orphans in Kenya. or

Have a great holiday season!


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