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Please join Girls For A Change in making a difference around the corner or around the globe!

Support Girls For A Change today! YOU choose where you want to support girls:

USA (includes programming in Silicon Valley, CA, Richmond, VA, and Phoenix, AZ)


Internationally (includes programming in Tajikistan, Mexico, Rwanda, and Afghanistan)

Girls everywhere deserve a chance to be heard. Your donations will go to providing GFC's social change and empowerment training for girls all over the world. HELP US REACH A GOAL OF $20,000!

$20,000 will help us reach 1,000 girls and those 1,000 girls will each impact 5 other girls, which results in 5,000 girls impacted by Girls For A Change! Those 5,000 girls will each impact 4 (or more) other people in their lives and communities – that's 20,000 people!!!!

Girls For A Change (GFC) is a national organization based in the Bay Area that empowers girls, ages 11-18, from low-income neighborhoods to engage in their communities by creating social change. Through the process of identifying, designing and implementing girl-led solutions to challenges they face in their own neighborhoods, girls gain the voice, skills and problem solving capacity they need to realize their full potential.

GFC, founded in 2000, provides an after-school program that empowers girls living in low-income neighborhoods with the self-confidence, leadership skills, problem solving ability, and project management experience to be proactive, contributing members of our community. Girls will also learn the transferability of these skills to other challenges they face and be provided with tools and resources to connect to long after the program's end.

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