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The Prime Minister of Romania; The Chief of the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police; The Chief of the County Police Inspectorate, Cluj

For the attention of:
Mr Victor Ponta, Prime Minister of Romania
Mr Petre Toba , The Chief of the General Inspectorate of Romanian Police (IGPR), Bucharest
Ioan Pacurar, Chief of the County Police Inspectorate, Cluj

cc. President, Vice President and all the members of the European Parliament's Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals; Global Action in the Interest of Animals;

      Dear Sirs,

    We are unsure as to whether it has come to your attention:on the evening of 25th October, 2012 in the town of Cluj, Valea Fanatelor Street, a fire started at the animal shelter administrated by Radu Termure, President of the Romanian Federation for the Protection and Control of Animals, which resulted in the agonising deaths of 100 cats, 20 dogs and Tereza Szekely, the wonderful lady who cared for the shelter´s animals. Only two cats and one dog survived this inferno and it appears that Ms. Szekely died whilst trying to save the animals she loved and nurtured so much. It looks like, the three surviving creatures were pushed, along with Tereza's half-melted flashlight, through a hole in the wall of the shelter. Devastatingly, Ms Szekely and the other animals, all perished together inside the burning shelter. We can only imagine what suffering and fear overtook these poor souls as they were burnt alive. The police dismissed the fire as an accident caused by Tereza Szekely herself leaving a candle near a woodpile. However, Mr. Termure and the other volunteers working alongside him and Tereza S. at the shelter ALL state that NO-ONE at this shelter EVER used candles!! For the safety of the animals only flashlights were used. Also, this shelter never had any heating, not even in deepest winter and had no electrical connections at all, so the possibility of an electrical fault causing the fire cannot be put forward as a viable explanation of what occurred. We also find it very hard to believe that a single candle, left near a woodpile, could result in such a fast acting and devastating inferno and the resultant loss of so many lives. Due to the fact that Mr Termure has received so many threats in the past in relation to his desire to protect and care for unwanted and abused animals and also due to the fact that JUST ONE DAY BEFORE THE INCIDENT the police paid a visit to the Shelter presenting complaints from neighbours, we CANNOT exclude the STRONG possiblity that one or more people had a criminal hand in setting the fire on this night of the 25th October2012. As you can see from the HUGE support the quest for justice for Tereza and her animals has attracted since being reported on (nearly 1000 people have joined each and every day it has been up so far) and the comments that have been made there, not to mention the many other pages being set up on Facebook or other social networks by other groups gathering members for precisely this same cause, people from all over Romania and the rest of the world are looking to you! They are waiting to see that justice is served and that the deaths of Tereza Szekely and the 120 dogs and cats will get the proper investigation they deserve and that those found guilty of this terrible crime will be punished to the FULL EXTENT of the Law! Thousands of people from all around the world, are lined up online and are waiting to see that Romania is strongly against cruelty to animals and it is willing to uphold its duty to animal welfare as a member of the EU. The people want to see that such cruelty against an innocent woman and the animals she cared for does not go unpunished. We, the undersigned, will be looking to you and the rest of the Romanian Authority to not let its people down and to show the many who are now watching and waiting, that Romania embraces Justice for the innocent and punishes the guilty. We assure you of our highest consideration.


Raluca Bramming-Hansen

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We are so grateful and proud of the support we are getting from YOU, wonderful people from all around the world, strangers who have come together with us to ensure that the victims of this...

We are so grateful and proud of the support we are getting from YOU, wonderful people from all around the world, strangers who have come together with us to ensure that the victims of this terrible event get the Justice they deserve and help ensure that such barbaric acts of cruelty are never again repeated!!/photo.php?v=386035624798460&set=vb.100001760777734&type=3&theater


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