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Talk with one homeless person during National Hunger & Homelessness Week, November 10-18.

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How this will help

National Hunger & Homelessness Week aims to bring awareness and understanding to these issues and to help promote the national endeavor to end hunger and homelessness. Join Wellspring Family Services and ask one homeless person to tell their story; this small action can lead to mutual understanding and continued respect.

Start a conversation:
- Find a place to talk at a bus stop, in a park, in the grocery store or on the sidewalk.
- Introduce yourself, let that person know you want to talk to them: "Hi, my name is Joe. How is your day going?"
- Ask them about their life, but also tell them about yours: "What have you been up to this afternoon?"
- Have an open mind, ask questions and give answers; remember this is just a conversation not an obligation, do not feel like you have to give them anything in return for talking to you.
- Remember to thank the person for speaking with you. Have you been able to help them in anyway? Try leaving them with advice about the nearest homeless shelter, or a place to get a free meal. If you don't know where these places are in your neighborhood, look them up.

If you try and start a conversation with someone who is not interested, don't worry, just say thank you and walk away.

Be sure to come back and share your stories and experiences with others here. What did you learn? Would you have done anything different? Would you do it again?

For more information about hunger and homelessness and how you can make an even bigger impact, visit We look forward to reading your stories!


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