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Help for the 57 children abandoned in the St. Mary Hospital from Iasi

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They are angels... The angels from the St.Mary Hospital from Iasi, Romania. When I started this cause, there were 57 little children between 1 month and 2 years old which were disposed of their own parents... Some of them didn't even have a name... There are children with chronic diseases, children with severe diagnosis who need permanent medical assistance. But most of them are healthy children who find themselves in a transit between the maternity and the social centers or the maternal assistants, children that are social cases or are already abandoned by their family.
The conditions in which these innocent children lived are hard to describe. Can you imagine two years old children who are fed exclusively with milk from a bottle because there is no other food that they can receive as well as there are not enough nurses to give them a diversified food? Or can you imagine four months old children who must feed themselves alone from the bottle because nobody has time to feed them? Can you imagine several months old children who never saw the sky or the sun because they have never been brought outside? All that they could see was a metallic, cold hospital bed where they used to be left to cry until they were choking, until they were suffocated by their own mucus; they used to be left alone until they were hurting themselves by bumping their heads against the iron bars of their beds. They didn't know how it's like to be held, to be hugged, to be caressed. There were children who reacted like a beaten animal when the volunteers tried to touch them.
Luckily, for a couple of days now, the "I love children" Association has signed a protocol with the St. Mary Hospital's manager and a few volunteers from Iasi have managed to reach to the children, to take care of them, to help changing their diapers, to feed them, to stimulate them and play with them.
Still, the children need our help, and by "help" I don't mean necessarily money. The help that these children need is more essential than money: they need diapers, wet wipes, hygienic products (shampoo, soap, baby cremes, detergents), interactive toys, clothes, sheets and blankets for little beds. They even need bigger beds that can suit the older children who are sleeping in beds far too small for them (children oh 18-24 months who sleep in newborn's beds). The children also need a healthier and more consistent food (baby food, baby cereals, fruits, etc.) since the hospital provides them only milk, light cheese and biscuits.
If you can give the children even a little help, please do this. If you can not help them, at least distribute this message because you have friends, relatives, acquaintances who maybe can help the children.
Thank you very much for supporting my cause!
Here the contact for donations to the children from the St. Mary Hospital from Iaşi:
IBAN RO64BRDE360SV15819163600
BRD Timisoara – specify for Iasi
IBAN:RO55INGB 0000 9999 0328 1140
ING Bank Timisoara
The Cont Rol can be used also for donations in other money than lei Ron.
PayPal - [email protected] with the mention : for Iasi
Info mail: [email protected]
The deposit's address from Iasi – Str. Aurel Vlaicu, nr.54, fosta autobaza nr.3


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